On a wintery January morning, in 2006, we made our first phone call to a prospective client. We didn't win that business. It's been a while since that little glitch in our ambitions; in retrospect we believe it was an early reminder that life wasn't going to be as easy as apple pie.

No, we didn't want to be the hottest new agency in town.That queue was a pretty long one. By the way, quite a few creative hotshops jumped ahead of the queue with some slick PR work.

We've no complaints.

All we wished for was, an agency built on beliefs. We told ourselves never to pursue irrelevant creative excellence, instead persevere in finding meaningful solutions. After all, what were clients paying for.

While the big agencies and hotshops played the December scam game, we sat on the sidelines, and watched the winners bask in 'fake gold'. Truth be told, a few corners in the office even opined that we had lost out in the scam game. But, as an agency, we stood our ground, firm in our belief.

Individual opinion versus agency belief. We chose the latter.

We didn't scam. We didn't lie to clients. We didn't fake market research. We didn't evade the taxman. We didn't lose an opportunity to give someone a second chance. We didn't sell a bad idea to a client so that we didn't have to rework on the weekend.

All these years, we did nothing that went against what we, as an agency, believed in. And, if we believed that the client was right in asking for the logo to be made bigger, we did it.


Which brings us back to our beliefs. We do what we strongly believe in. Every morning, every one of us walks in to the office, in the hope of personal glory. However, each one of us knows that what we're all striving for is, to add value to that little logo on our business card, to make it a little more meaningful to everyone we work with.

Years have come and gone, and we're still here. The logo on our wall hasn't increased even quarter of an inch. But, we hope, in the eyes of the world it's gotten bigger.

Just a little bigger.